Transfer Your SMSF to Rivkin
Rivkin is a leading provider of SMSF administration services, which makes us a great choice if you want to access the full Rivkin suite of investments and consolidate your holdings all in one place.
Comprehensive Service
When you transfer your SMSF to RIvkin, you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will:
· Guide you through the paperwork
· Load historical transaction data into our specialist software
· Establishment of a Macquarie Cash Management Account (where necessary)
· Establishment of a Rivkin Securities equities and options account (where necessary)
· Review the Trust Deed to ensure compliance
When you set up or transfer your SMSF to Rivkin, you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will:
· Guide you through the paperwork
· Review the SMSF's transaction history to provide the right advice for the future.
· Establishment all the necessary cash accounts and investment accounts on your behalf.
· Establish the correct Trust Deed to ensure future compliance for your all future investment plans.
Transfer your SMSF in Three Simple Steps
While transferring your superannuation fund may seem daunting, we're here to help, however complicated your fund may be.

Join a growing community of satisfied investors who entrust us with their SMSF needs. Discover why our clients value not just our expert management, but also the rich insights offered by the Rivkin Report.

To appoint us simply call, email or apply online.
To best meet your needs and expectations, we would like to know what’s important to you. You can book a phone call or online meeting here
Once we’ve confirmed the services you need and the applicable fees, it's time to transfer your SMSF to Rivkin. You’ll need to complete our online SMSF Transfer Form and provide as much information as possible to ensure a timely and smooth transfer.
After submitting your transfer request, we'll integrate your fund into our specialised accounting platform and coordinate with your prior provider for necessary records. We'll update you with data feed forms and transaction details, granting online access for your peace of mind.