Begin Your SMSF Journey
A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is your own personal superannuation fund that gives you control over how your super savings are invested. When you manage your SMSF, you make the investment decisions. Running your own SMSF can be a flexible way to grow your assets and protect them in a controlled, tax-effective way.
Why choose a SMSF?

You Maintain Control

By establishing a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you gain the autonomy to make your own investment choices while assuming the responsibility for compliance with applicable superannuation and tax regulations.

No Legal Minimum Balance

Setting up an SMSF doesn't require a legal minimum balance, offering flexibility for your financial planning. This feature allows for greater accessibility and personalised financial strategy.

Choice of Trustee Structure

You have the option to select from one of the following trustee structures for your SMSF:
· Up to 4 individual trustees
· A corporate trustee

Considering an SMSF?

We help you weigh the pros and cons and offer a roadmap tailored to your financial objectives Learn more from the ATO Guide Six steps to setting up an SMSF [email protected]
Set up your SMSF

Six Steps

Step 1: Complete the Application Form with the help of our of expert team.

Step 2: Our team will prepare the documentation for you to sign.

Step 3: Your SMSF will have an ABN, TFN, bank account and broker account.

Step 4: Once your SMSF has been established, you will receive login details to the client portal.

Step 5: You can choose to rollover your existing Super benefits and commence making contributions to your SMSF.

Step 6: You can begin investing through your SMSF.
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